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Epicuriuos – Ice Cream Dream


Da: Epicurious
Autore: Dorie Greenspan
Data: Giugno 2006

But the machine that won my heart and for whitch I am willing to permanently consacrate a Hunk of my limited counter space is the Musso Lussino. It’s got a 250 –watt motor, a 1/2 –quart-capacity bowl, a tighten-with-a-screw churning blade tha’s so beautifully machine it could double as sculpture, plus a timer and two switches – “chill” and “churn”. Its shiny, sturdily built stainless steel body has the no-nonsense industrial good looks that I lime. But what I like most is the way it works. It’s a no-nonsenso as its design. Pour in your mixture, cover, press the switches, and come back in 30 minutes – you’ll have eat-your-heart-out- Haagen-Dazs smooth ice cream, gelato, or sorbet. Because this is an all-in-one unit, cleaning the bowl entails swishing around a little hot water and sponging it out. Do it while you’re eating some Raspberry-Cassis Ice Cream, and you won’t mind at all.

I’ve no doubt that the oval-shaped Lussino could keep a family in any flavor ice cream for close to forever, but if you’re thinking of going public with your sundaes, it might cheer you to know the machine has a handsome big brother, the Musso Pola. This souped-up model has a 300-watt motor, a 2-quart-capacity bowl, and the power to make a batch of perfect ice cream every 20 minutes.

With so muche heavy metal and power at my fingertips, I’ll never get caught empty-fridged again, and I can always eat my ice cream and have it, too.